Family Medicine & Therapy

Family Medicine and Therapy at Illuminate includes an unparalleled braid of somatic psychotherapy, ancestral healing, and acupuncture for mental health and spiritual growth.  Somatic psychotherapy sessions are typically focused on achieving awareness and releasing the physical aspects associated with past trauma and secondary trauma.  Illuminate’s integrative models will help you to track and unwind your bodily experience and sensations as they arise throughout the session. Sessions are offered in person in Boulder, Colorado, and consultation is available internationally via virtual meetings.

Family Constellation, an indigenous ancestral healing modality, is the foundational thread that is weaved through out all services. Family Constellation is based on the idea that cortisol alterations and behavioral modeling sift down through generations causing stress for future offspring. In a therapy or coaching session(s) you will have an experienced guide to help examine feelings and perceptions in a field of knowing, to break out of unhealthy familial patterns. Working through one’s ancestral story helps identify and heal past trauma related to immigration, adoption, separation, sexual abuse, war, genocide, and other difficult collective experiences.

  • Family Therapy (50 min) $250
  • Somatic Therapy (50 min) $250
  • (Sliding scale, and student discounts available)
  • EMDR & Acupuncture $250
  • Astrology Consult $250
  • Additional Charting/Consulting $250
  • Family Constellation Quarterly Workshop $250
  • Student Rate $150
  • 8 Session Package $2,300

All sessions are 60 min (unless otherwise stated).

Packages are a combination of any services and come with two quarterly workshop passes and mindfulness coaching.

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