Shamanic Course

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Calling all intuitive healers, come deepen your self-study through shamanic tools.

Through the elements of Family Constellation Systems and cross-cultural Shamanic healing practices, this course will build a powerful sense of connection to inner wisdom. You will feel the strength and love that belongs to you. Join us on a Level 1 training journey (October 2023 – June 2024) to experience seeing from the heart and developing the skills needed to help others. You will have access to weekly online lectures, in-person classroom time, in-person demos, shamanic circles, and so much more!

Class can be taken in person or fully online. This course is designed for intuitive healers to deepen awareness of self and connect to their unique ancestral traditions. 


Course Highlights

What You'll Learn

  • Learn shamanic ritual activities, tools and meditations including creating a totem card deck, smudging, sacred scrolls, and a surrender box.
  • Use shamanic techniques, tools and rituals to help yourself and others restore their connection to nature as an ally.
  • Use Shamanic art therapy techniques to help yourself and others to channel big emotions and ancestral karma into harmony, and renewable energy.
  • Understand the meaning behind rituals and tools, such as animal totems, sound healing, mantras, dance, the cycles of nature, the 5 elements, the chakra system.


  • Shamanic ancestral perspectives from Daoist and Latin American Traditions.
  • Compassionate Communication Skills
  • De-colonial education
  • Trauma-informed healing
  • Constellation Orders of Love

Course Details

  • Course runs September 30, 2023 - June 2024.
  • In-person and online options.
  • Class held Online Sundays 9-11am MT.
    [Most students are international, so please note the time zone references.]
  • Purchasing the Level 1 training includes a handmade drum (chosen for you based on your astrology), a deck of divination cards, and the I-Ching.
  • One scholarship is offered per year.

Pre-registration discounts:

March 15th                  4,800

May 15th                     5,200

July 15th                      5,300


Learn about the 3 Levels of Certification


Group and in-person classes to deepen shamanic ways of being and anchor daily spiritual rituals. Become fluent in identifying shamanic traditions from across the world. Learn one-on-one shamanic constellation procedural steps for a client session.


Includes independent study on shamanic topics including; bodywork, sound therapy, and leading 4 family constellation circles through in-person practice in Boulder, Colorado. Note, participant(s) can request Dr. Dinallo to host a workshop in your area.



 Includes specialty classes including Reiki 1 & 2, advanced soul retrievals, and past life regression guided group meditations. This also includes supervision and feedback as you practice level 1 and 2 skills.

Course Content

Level 1
Fall Session 8 Modules: Lecture, Shamanic Circle, Ritual Activity
10/1- 11/26

Roots of Shamanism and Family Constellation
Use of Ancient Symbols and Totems
Healing Spaces
Application and Sound
Shamanic Based Treatments
Heavenly Systems
Case Studies
Meso-American in Latin American Healing Arts

*Course will also include hands on activities and practice sessions with classmates.
* No classes in Jan. Students will choose to read one book from the reading list. 

Level 1: Part 2
Winter Session: 4 Modules Family Systems and Orders of Love
2/2- 2/23

The Web of Family Trauma & Resiliency
Core Language and Orders of Love
Pathways to Reconnection
Healthy Attachment and spiritual non-attachment 

Level 1: Part 3
Spring Session 4 Modules: Trauma Informed Communication 

The Fundamentals of Listening and Obstacles
Working on Self
Connecting with Others
Emotionally Charged communication

*Classes pre-recorded and available online

Level 1: Part 4
Summer Session

Practice Sessions and Independent reading
Shamanic Reading list provided
Submit a 8-10 page paper based on reading OR an create a piece of artwork
Office hours for questions on session demos

In person weekends

Limpias and Ceremonial Herbs: In-person Shamanic Family Constellation demo(s), Limpias and ceremonial herbs 9/30/23

Sound Therapy: Drum Ceremony, primal sound, mantra, drum and sacred painting

Spring 2024 TBD

Family Constellation Circles: Held at the Shambala Center in Boulder, CO.


Dr. Anna Dinallo, PhD, DOM is cross trained and licensed as a psychotherapist (LPCC) and acupuncturist (LAc). She has a clinical practice that focuses on women's health through skin care, somatic therapy and acupuncture for survivors of sexual trauma. With an emphasis on generational healing and family system therapy, she has been researching emotions for the past 13 years and is dedicated to working from an interdisciplinary lens. She teaches Family Constellation and Sound Therapy through Mentorship courses though the Illuminate Traditional Healing Arts Academy.


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