8 week Shamanic Training

February - March 2024

sha·man ˈSHämən,ˈSHāmən/

Definition: One who sees the invisible and the visible

Calling all intuitive healers, come deepen your self-study through shamanic tools.

Through the elements of Family Constellation Systems and cross-cultural Shamanic healing practices, this course will build a powerful sense of connection to inner wisdom. You will feel the strength and love that belongs to you. Join us on a Level 1 training journey (February - March 2024) to experience seeing from the heart and developing the skills needed to help others. You will have access to weekly online lectures, in-person classroom time, in-person demos, shamanic circles, and so much more!

Class can be taken in person or fully online. This course is designed for intuitive healers to deepen awareness of self and connect to their unique ancestral traditions. 

Shamanic course


  • Learn shamanic ritual activities, tools and meditations including creating a totem card deck, smudging, sacred scrolls, and a surrender box.
  • Use shamanic techniques, tools and rituals to help yourself and others restore their connection to nature as an ally.
  • Use Shamanic art therapy techniques to help yourself and others to channel big emotions and ancestral karma into harmony, and renewable energy.
  • Understand the meaning behind rituals and tools, such as animal totems, sound healing, mantras, dance, the cycles of nature, the 5 elements, the chakra system.


  • Ancestral Gifts and Clearing
  • De-colonial Learning
  • Constellation: Orders of Love
  • Guided Meditation & Qi Gong Sessions

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At a Glance

Continuing Ed

  • Inner spiritual cultivation
  • Transpersonal vocabulary
  • Eastern philosophy
  • Meso-American knowledge


  • Pay in full by Dec 1 - $2,300
  • Pay in full by Dec. 15 - $2,500
  • Pay in full by Jan 15 - $2,700
  • CP Yoga instructors $2,400



The 3 Levels of Certification


Group and in-person classes to deepen shamanic ways of being and anchor daily spiritual rituals. Become fluent in identifying shamanic traditions from across the world. Learn one-on-one shamanic constellation procedural steps for a client session.


Includes independent study on shamanic topics including; bodywork, sound therapy, and leading 4 family constellation circles through in-person practice in Boulder, Colorado. Note, participant(s) can request Dr. Dinallo to host a workshop in your area.



 Includes specialty classes including Reiki 1 & 2, advanced soul retrievals, and past life regression guided group meditations. This also includes supervision and feedback as you practice level 1 and 2 skills.

Dr. Anna Dinallo, PhD, DOM

Licensed as a counselor and acupuncturist, Dr. Anna Dinallo has two doctorates, one in Mental Health and another in Chinese Medicine to bring a full perspective of wisdom. With an emphasis on generational healing and family system therapy, she has been researching emotions for the past 15 years and is dedicated to working from an interdisciplinary lens. 


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