Trauma-Informed Communication

Blending modern medicine with traditional healing arts

Trauma is an emotional response to a shocking event like an accident, physical abuse, rape, or natural disaster experienced in the present or in the past.  Immediately after the event or after a trigger of memories of the event, shock and dissociation are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, taxed relationships and physical symptoms like headaches, nausea or behavioral changes.

Trauma-Informed Communication is a framework of communicating in a safe way so that you do not re-traumatize or trigger the speaker. In this three-part course we will discuss interventions that are directed at identifying neurological, biological, psychological, and the social effects trauma has on an individual.  This class will cover trauma-informed communication through methods such as active listening, western DSM approaches to trauma categories, and traditional medicine viewpoints on heart shock. The curriculum will enhance the providers with skills needed to create safety, healthy boundaries, and ways to manage emotional impulses when communicating. All videos will be pre-recorded and available online. 

  • Options for skills practice sessions with other students
  • Optional CEU’s for providers
  • Option to take certificate exam 
  • Option for skills practice for leadership and business sectors
  • Option to submit Q&A related to Trauma 

Course Highlights

  • Active listening
  • Facial Reading
  • Reframes
  • Trauma Definition
  • Language Neutrality
  • Limits
  • Body language
  • Meridian Theory for Heart Shock
  • DSM categories


Dr. Anna Marie Dinallo has spent the past 10 years cross-training in the fields of psychology, counseling, and acupuncture to refine her trauma-informed healing arts. She has practiced shamanic constellation for seven years. She holds a Ph.D. and Masters of Oriental Medicine (soon to be DOM).  With humility, she offers a de-colonial, heart-centered training that blends shamanic practices, integrity, and years of experiences treating trauma, phobias, and fears. As a licensed counselor, massage therapist, and artist, she is passionate about building bridges between healing professions. She is here to help illuminate your unique gifts within Trauma Informed Communication.


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