Skin Care

Skin-Care treatments at illuminate include a blend of microneedling, acupuncture, massage care, and herbal supplements. The skin is a mirror for the health of the body’s internal systems of lymph nodes, emotional regulation, blood circulation, and more. In ancient China, doctors and sages studied disease by studying the skin and creating an advanced system of facial diagnosis and herbal treatments for skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and pre-mature aging. When individuals experience emotional stress the human body uses too much blood and can develop heat or cold patterns that manifest in the skin. Illuminate Skin-Care treatments are customized to help balance your body’s own unique conditions.

Micro-needling uses small needles to trigger the body’s natural regenerative process to rebuild collagen and elastin in the skin. Using nothing more than a few incredibly fine needles that create many micro punctures in the skin, micro-needling can achieve comprehensive skin rejuvenation that works on a wide range of conditions such as acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and scar reduction. Facial and skin treatments also include lymphatic massage, as the lymphatic system has no built-in pump, to stimulate the contraction of smooth muscles to increase lymph flow by as much as 20%. Micro-needling provides great results for postoperative care recovery and scar tissue management.

  • Facial & Acupuncture $170
  • Microneedling Facial $250
  • Microneedling Facial with Stem Cells $450
  • Scar Reduction (2 areas) $450

All sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise stated

Packages come with two quarterly workshop passes, herbal skin formulas, and organic topical ointments.

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